[.....there can be no light without the dark]

[.....there can be no light without the dark]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
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Photograph & Staging by Lawrence D.
Editing by Stella Mahogany

Thank you for the collaboration once more Stella. You did an amazing job. Always cool working with you.
Hair: Modulus - Zihao @ The Crossroads
Hairbase: Modulus - Baxter @ The Crossroads
Jeans: ::K:: - Shoe Cut Jeans Homme in Black
Tattoo: Bolson - Serra & Eli @ The Crossroads

Ash Tray: THOR - Cig Ashtray @ The Crossroads
Bottle: THOR - Pilsener @ The Crossroads
Pose: RK poses - Jude @ The Crossroads
Sign: Seven Emporium - Payphone @ The Crossroads
Stool: THOR: Refurnished Rim Stool  @ The Crossroads
Tape Recorder: Seven Emporium - TR9 -303 Black @ The Crossroads

[...come back to my place]

[...come back to my place]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
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The Crossroads Decor Items:

Art Decor: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] White Pottery / Tp
Book: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Big Book
Coffeemaker: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffeemaker
Lounger: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Patio Lounger
Magazine: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Magazine
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Rug
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Drum Table with Pillows

Recorder: Seven Emporium - Tape Recorder TR9-303 - black / Tp

Small plant: Apt B - Dalton Snake Plant (gift) / Tp

Wall decor: {BE} Industrial White  / Tp

Chair: Concept} - 07. Venice Chair (gacha) / Tp
Chair: Concept}- 08. Venice Chair
Rug: Concept} - 03. Venice Carpet
Rug: Concept}- 09. Venice Carpet

Sunglasses: NX-Nardcotix - Zelma Sunglasses (gift)  /Tp

Guitar: Serenity Style- Camping Guitar / Tp

Bottle: ..::THOR::.. Thor Pilsener Bottle / Tp

Rose Vase: [ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses - Red / Tp
Rose Vase: [ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses - White

The Liaison Collaborative Decor Items: TP

Plants: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mandala Rug

Rocks: Ama. : Dreamweaver Painted Rocks

Pillows: [evoLove] - Dreamweaver pillows - warm

Cushion: Kalopsia - Cozy Floor Cushion - Coal

The Gacha Guardians - TP

Watermelon: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Melon Slices (gacha)

Indie Tepee : TP

Hookah: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hookah
Sandals: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Flip Flops (Decoration Only)
Table: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Woven Beach Table


Birds: Just Animals - Small birds pack
Dog: Tomato Park - Saint Bernard Mesh 3.3 ( roaming + wearable )

Other Decor:

Bag: Apple Fall - Handbag & Scarf
Bag: Bazar - Traveler-Bag 2
Dish: Lok's Furniture - Food and water bowl w/ Hud
Hat & Book: ::TA:: - Ocean Vacation Set
Hot Tub: Gracefully Wicked - Wooden Tub w/ Custom Hud
Lights: Cheeky pea - Glamping string lights
Table: Ariskea- [California Vineyard] Vineyard Table
Towel & Flip Flops: ::TA:: - Towels & Flip flop set
Tray: ::TA:: - Resort Towel Tray

Landscaping: TP

Tree: Hayabusa Design - Tree for Flower F1aWT 51
Tree: Hayabusa Design - OPTT Three Branches M5 v1-2 Hand - 5G
Tree: Hayabusa Design - Elegant Tree Platane Plane Tree F2aWT*2 Wa t260
Tree: Hayabusa Design - Composite Tree Bignoniaceae M2.3.4 V1-1 t4

Structure: Ariskea - California Vineyard] Vineyard Hideout (modified)

Now playing: Your Place or Mine by Warren Hill

[...within these arms you are safe]

[...within these arms you are safe]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
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Ears: Mandala - STEKING_ears_ver2
Rings: [ kunst ] - Bolted ring
Rings: [ kunst ] - Heron ring

Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Artemis bracelet @ TMD
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Argus bracelet @ TMD

Pose: RK Poses - Close your eyes @ The Crossroads Event
Tattoo: Bolson - Serra & Eli @ The Crossroads Event


Collar: Cellar Door - Dune Bronze @ The Crossroads Event

Location: The Crossroads Event
Now playing: Safe With Me by Sam Smith

[....whispering wonders upon morning's dew]

[....whispering wonders upon morning's dew]

Much appreciation to Stella Mahogany for collaborating with me on this post. I know I got on your last nerve. Plus it took several days to complete but you did an amazing job on this image. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again. Please be sure to visit her amazing Flickr gallery. You won't be disappointed.

Jeans: ::K:: Shoe Cut Jeans Homme Medium @ TMD
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Summer bracelets @ Uber


Hair: Analog Dog - Glamp -Dark Browns @ Hairology
Dress: ::GB:: Wet Dress @ Kustom9

Pose: Rk Poses - Till the Endof Time

Now playing: Who Knows by Musiq
Location: NorderNey

[.....a new journey has brought me you]

[.....a new journey has brought me you]

Complete outfit: hoorenbeek [h] - Mesh Outfit - Austin (New)

Bottle: [ kunst ] - Kunsteiner bottle / Lager
Ring: [ kunst ] - Coconut rings @ Uber
Ring: [ kunst ] - Copper wire ring (SLB13 gift) @ Mens Department

Dog: Tomato Park - Shepherd

Pose: RK poses - Jake #3

Now playing: Amen by Anthony Hamilton

Location: NorderNey

[....we'll let the maid handle the rest, little mate]

[....we'll let the maid handle the rest, little mate]
Creators Collection Box Event 
Ends: Tuesday, June 21st
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Shirt: ::K:: - BP Jean Jacket Homme White (New)
Shorts: Method. - Leather Roll Up Shorts in Navy (New)
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. - Stanley Sneakers

Shoes Used as Decor:

..::ILLI::.. Owen Sneakers
..::ILLI::.. William  Shoes


Plant: {iD}- DrY LeaF (StanD)-WooD01 @ Creators Collection Box
Hanging Plant: {iD}- DrY LeaF (WalL)-MiX01 @ Creators Collection Box

Plant: Maru Kado - My little plant Tokusa Red -Y @ Creators Collection Box
Plant: Maru Kado - My little plant Tokusa Yellow-G @ Creators Collection Box

Shoes: mignon. - Meow fur flat @ Creators Collection Box

Books/Ball: 22769/[bauwerk] - Books with Rope Ball @ The Liaison Collaborative
Figurine: 22769/[bauwerk] - Seahorse Figurine @ The Liaison Collaborative
Wall decor: 22769/[bauwerk] - Fishy Wall Plates - @ The Liaison Collaborative

Towels: Serenity Style - Newport Towel box (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Ottoman: Serenity Style- Bring it to me puf (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Marketplace Purchased Gacha Items:

Dog: O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Yellow Lab
Clothes: AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Dirty Clothes
Fan: AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Ceiling Fan
Shelf: AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Wall Shelf
Trash: AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Trash Bin
Basket: dust bunny . getaway basket
Bookpack: {vespertine}- tiny dwelling - backpack 5
Courage sign: BackBone - Industrial Courage frame (modified)
Darts: { affaire } dartboard clock decor
Folded clothes: :HAIKEI: - The Winter Cabin #2
Laundry Basket: oyasumi / laundry basket / cloth
Light: Apple Fall - Reflector Light
London Sign: GOOSE - Lagare frame art
Photos: . Infiniti . - Forgotten Memories - 1
Radiator: Amala - Radiator - Black
Sign: BUENO - NY Collection - I Love HipHop

Other Decor:

Basket: Bazar - Toronto-Throw pillows basket
Bear: ::GB:: - Doll bear (green) - (gacha in store)
Bed: [Fetch] - Ary Bedroom - Bed (PG)
Bike: Bazar - Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)
Book/bowl: Bazar: Toronto books and plate decor
Books: Bazar - Toronto Living room books
Book shelf: Bazar: Toronto - Study shelf
Boxed Items: tarte. - Packing Box with lamp, stacked and open book
Boxes: Mad Mesh - Mesh Cardboard Box (clean)
Camera: [Toiz] camera deco (gift)
Carpet: GOOSE - Lagare carpet
Chair: [PM]Pixel Mode - Geometric Chair
Clothes: Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown Pants
Clothes: Clustered. Oakland Set.  Thrown shirt
Clothes rack: Bazar - Stockholm-Clothing rack (female)
Desktop: StoraxTree Desktop (product package, not for sale)
Fan: .:revival:. retro floor fan
Frame: Bazar - Toronto-Picture frame2
Folded clothes: PrestigeFurniture - Folded Clothes 001
Hanging lights: [PM]Pixel Mode - Geometric Hanging Light
Internet Radio:  Edberg - Wall Radio v2.3
Love sign: ::dp:: - Rusted Metal Signs All you need is Love
Open Box: [EC] - Cardboard Box set - Open
Pallet: Apt B - Pallet Display Simple
Potted Plant: Soy. - Potted Plants Set (Pothos shown)
Rug: [Fetch] - Ary Bedroom - Rug
Safe: Bazar - Glam - Safebox
Sideboard: BackBone - Industrial Sideboard
Sofa: EliBaily - Chester Leather Sofa brown (PG)
Wall clock: Bazar - Toronto Industrial clock
Table: [PM]Pixel Mode - Geometric Table

Structure: [PM]Pixel Mode - Greenwich Apartment

Pose: [3M] - ah-hun1 m_002

.....a moment's peace

.....a moment's peace

Creators Collection Box Event 
Ends: Tuesday, June 21st
Web Catalog: click
Location: click
Special thanks to Valerie John for another collaborating feature of the ladies fashion in the Creators Collection Box event. Don't delay, the event ends soon!!!

Hair: Tukinowaguma -  Anke in browns @ Creators Collection Box
Lingerie: chocolate atelier - Selma in blue @ Creators Collection Box

Pose: Kuso - P0774 Ground Sit

Location: Follow Your Bliss